Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is it with people?!?!?!

I realize that I could be a millionaire right now after a mere three months of marriage! I should contribute a dollar every time someone asks me the following questions:

  • When are you having a baby?
  • Are you pregnant (yet)?
  • Are you and MoJo trying?
  • What are you waiting for?
Hey, I'll also throw a dollar in the jar if the following statement is made, or some variation of it:
  • Hurry up, you are old!
  • Don't wait too long or else when you want them, they won't come.
  • Do it now before it's too late.
  • You don't want to be having kids late in life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Encouragement & Inspiration

After a few days of signing up with, I've already been cheered about 20 times by complete strangers! What a really neat community...and a cool concept.

I've been needing lots of inspiration these days to get me through this period of transition. So I bought me-self some books. Stopped by Borders and picked up two travel books as my wanderlust managed to unfailingly guide me to the travel section. I have heard so much of Gilbert's book and her spiritual journey speaks to my soul right now. While picking up Eat Pray Love, my eye caught another book one shelf lower.

Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story is the story of Maureen & Tony Wheeler, their love for each other and their love for travel, who together created the Lonely Planet guidebooks. Reviewers describe the book as beyond a mere travelogue but a combination of autobiography, travelouge, and business entrepreneurship. This book is just what I need to remind myself that when you do what you love, the money will come.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome 2008!

After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging mode.

The last half of 2007 was just nuts but I'm proud to say that I planned the bulk of our 200 person wedding in just 5 months. Brides-to-be: do not believe the naysayers who say you need at least a year to plan. Bologna! Keep your eye on the big picture by remembering that all you need to get married is you, your partner, an officiant, and a witness. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Mojo & I are putting the fun back in our lives now that we are married, have our degrees, and wedding planning is far behind us (no wedding planning withdrawal for me, thanks very much). Spending time with each other in this new way is so very exciting and we look forward to exploring our beloved Big Apple, taking trips together, setting up our home, and spending time with each other.

Much soul searching has happened since the end of 2007 due to circumstances in the office and I'm happy to say that I'm continuing to evolve, face my fears, and am thrilled at my ambition to live a purposeful and exciting life! To help me, I joined Check out my profile here.