Thursday, April 20, 2006

Publishing in an Academic Journal?

My professor, The Archaeologist, for my material culture class has enjoyed the essays I've written so far on the Filipino balikbayan box that he has suggested that I try to get them published. WTF!! Whoa, really!?!?!?! A lowly MA student such as myself, get published in an academic journal? I can't believe it. I'm definitely going to follow through and look into it. I feel so validated thanks to The Archaeologist's encouragement.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


hey hey hey! what's haPPenin'???

30 is here and i feel so LiBerATEd from the shackles of my 20s. let's see. the positive: i traveled the country for free, i met amazing new people, i lived in two other places besides NYC, i truly became financially independent from the 'rents. the negatives: the quarter-life crisis, the uncertainty of life, the constant self-questioning, the depressingly low salary, the people pleasing. UGH. i'm tired of it. none of that shitake ANYMORE! i'm older and i demand respect dammit! so if you thought i was outspoken before, wait till you hear me now!

i've been lookin' forward to 30. seems like i'm the only one of my friends that's not freaked out by it. i'm happy and grateful for all the beautiful life blessings i have. so many amazing things are going to happen in this decade; how can i NOT look forward to it???

a beautiful surprise birthday dinner was planned by a scheming duo: j & mom. i never thought mom had it in her. but she surprised me. and the fact that she and j worked together, shocked me even more. yet i felt sooooooooo loved. later, a part-ay! check out photos on flickr.